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13 dec 2023
Matthijs Ariëns

Sanjay; al 6 jaar onze projectmanager.

Sanjay (Links) met 1 van onze koffieboeren.

Hello, my name is Sanjaya Chiluwal, I am 33 years old, and I am married to Shanti who is also 33 years old, we have two daughters, Sara and Siona, Sara is four years old, and she has just started going to school and the second is about thirteen months, my wife is a nurse and she is working in Sahodar Nepal community hospital.

After completing university, I worked as a social administrator at Sahodar Hospital for a few months and later worked for finance assistance. I worked for Sahodar Nepal for about two years. I met Mr. Ben in 2017, Ben visited Nepal after the earthquake and saw the great disaster and helped Nepali families. During his visit he again encountered a problem bigger than the earthquake which is unemployment, he was touched by the Nepalese families where members spend months and even years away from home looking for employment abroad. He shared his story about keeping Nepalis together with their families because many Nepalis are working abroad for employment, and his aim is to keep families together. I like his intentions towards the Nepalese people. I don’t think it is just his aim and hobby but his love for Nepalese people drew him to come to Nepal and create jobs to help broken families stay together. If any member of the family goes abroad like Saudi, Quarter, UAE, Malaysia, etc., the children grow up without parents and it becomes a problem for society and the life of children in the future. I really like his mission and vision for Nepal to create jobs and maintain peace and unity among themselves and keep families together. So, I also decided to left Job at Sahodar Hospital and join hands with Ben to work for the Nepali family. We started with three farmers with about 600 plants but now we have about 25,000 plants and 180 farmers.

While working with Charge Nepal I have experienced many stories and each story has both happy and painful experiences. But seeing my work and my involvement with Charge Nepal makes me happy. During my involvement with Charge Nepal, I have seen that families are happy and have the income to do basic daily tasks. I have seen the commitment of many families to work for coffee and make it their main source of income in the future. And I am glad that they realize that coffee can be a major tool in eradicating the unemployment problem and tasks are carrying action by Charge Nepal, I am happy to be part of this great responsibility.

Foto’s bij de nieuwsbrief van december 2023, gesorteerd per onderwerp: 


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